Sunday, November 2, 2008

iPhone 3G in Sri Lanka with AirTel?

Apple has launched their Apple iPhone 3G this year 11th July 2008. It has launched in 23 countries and we are not even close to that list. When buying a iPhone there is a big different between apple iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G. When they launch 2G iPhone it was sold in USA and other selected countries and customers had to buy it with a connection and they could activate it later. So the interest thing begun after that. When people buy iPhone 2G our great helpers(so called hackers put the first step and made a unlock softwares:thanks for them..countries like us can us it now)made it as worldwide phone.

Before iPhone 3G hit the market the Apple guys cleared the whole stock of 2G phone and now anyone cant buy new Apple iPhone 2G in the open market. Only way to buy a apple is go for a second hand one.One of my friend bought a Apple iPhone 2G from Maldives for a 350$(thats a good deal)

After advent of now iPhone 3G people like us(Sri Lankans) faced a great problem, which is still anyone couldn't find a way to break the sweet(iPhone 3G)
So country like us cant use it anymore and its no need of buying a new iPhone 3G because its already locked.

Meantime “harping string” news came to Sri Lanka and now people wait for AirTel and the only hope for Sri lankans is AirTel with Apple iPhone!!

So lets hope it againg that the AirTel do the needful to bring us Apple iPhone 3G....!!! they are telling that they will cut the ribbon on coming January 2009. hm...........Happay to have a dream like “AirTel on Air and iPhone is fair”

My friends!!!! your bucks for your cute phone....................